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Clones Town FC was founded in 1878 and established into the League structures in 1885 and is the oldest club in Ireland.


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The club is a County Monaghan football outfit that competes in the Monaghan/Cavan League and is the most successful club in the North East of Ireland. Their new grounds at Carn, Clones is the highest level football grounds in Ireland at 85m above mean sea level. Association Football (soccer as we know it), first came to Clones in 1876 but according to records, there were no league structures to affiliate to in the area and Clones looked to Fermanagh, Tyrone, and Armagh for friendly games. The actual formation of the club is believed to have been through workers from the Great Northern Railway which arrived in Clones in 1858. It is therefore ironic that if those same workers could come back today and look up to the hill behind the site of the former Railway Station, they would see their club now has two playing pitches on top of it. Clones affiliated to what we now know as the ‘Northern Leagues’ in a properly structured club fashion in 1885.

Oldest existing club in Ireland

Today the Football Association of Ireland has recognised the club as the oldest existing club in Ireland and it seems even back in 1885 Clones were winning games. During that late 1800 period, they also had inter-county tournaments with one early record and picture showing a ‘Monaghan County’ team made up entirely of Clones players. These were Molloy, Michael Elliott Knight, Donnelly, Parke, Cole, William Lendrum, James Lendrum, Johnston, Luke Patrick Knight (Captain), Lowe, and Whitsitt. This team beat an Armagh County team 3-1 before 4,000 spectators in Monaghan on the 15th of April 1887. As Clones played in numerous league structures because there was no league structure in the North East region, its name, as was not uncommon at the time, was changed as it entered the different leagues. Just as Manchester United evolved from Newton Heath L&YR (which stood for “Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway”) so too Clones Town FC has evolved over the years since its inception with the names Clones FC, Clones Eire Ogs, Clones Red Hands, Clones Celtic, Clones United , Clones Town FC, and many other names used. Indeed the Fermanagh and Western League Mercer League Division 1 records in 1910/11 season show a team called Clones Celtic winning that competition.



Clones Juvenile Soccer Group

WELCOME TO THE NEW CLONES TOWN JUVENILE SOCCER GROUP. This page was set up to inform interested parties about the up and coming fixtures events and progress of the teams that we hope will be entered into the Cavan/Monaghan Underage league this season.

Please be aware that children will regularly be on this page any foul or derogatory comments or language will be deleted immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Clones Town Fc Juvenile Committee.

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  • Mairead McCabe Treasurer
  • Lisa Connolly CPO
  • Kathy Dowd PRO/Registrar
  • Seamie Sewell We're not sure yet :)

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