CLONES Heritage & Economic Plan

While the amazing history and built heritage of Clones is something that we all appreciate, it is fair to say that we may....

. . . . sometimes need to be reminded of what unique resources we have here. We will certainly benefit from the guidance given by The Paul Hogarth Company on how we should best present our heritage to both visitors and residents alike.

Some might say that the greatest asset our town has to offer is that of its history and the important heritage sites. Others might say, it’s our sporting facilities or sporting personalities who have brought many an honour and sense of pride to the town. The development of this Heritage and Economic plan, gave opportunity for us to reflect on the many attributes Clones has to offer, none more so, than its greatest asset of all – its people and that great sense of community spirit and pride

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Down through the ages, many, who carried a ‘grά’ for Clones, inspired influence, aspirations, decisions, and developments that still support and harness the social and economic fabric of our community today. When times got dark for the town, it was the genetic resilience of our community that kept the town alive. Consultation with our community was pivotal and to the fore of the development of this plan. Only, by listening to our community, could we support the proposed multidisciplinary projects that are illustrated overleaf. The consultation has fostered a partnership approach, which will support a co-design process moving forward, where community voices are the active agents of change.

The Clones Heritage and Economic Plan is a blue print for Clones’ future and its recommendations will, no doubt have an exciting and positive impact, in restoring and harnessing the towns historical past. It will also inspire the seeds for future developments, so that our community.