To the back of a property half way down Cara Street stand the remains of a Methodist Chapel which was built circa 1775 

Barry Mc Guigan-Pedrosa Highlights

After John Wesley’s first visit to Clones John Wesley visited Ireland twenty one times and on five of these occasions he came to Clones (1775, 1778, 1785, 1787 and 1789) where he often used the old Norman Motte as a natural pulpit when he preached. He had no ambition to found a separate sect within Anglicanism, rather he wanted to reform it and make it more relevant to the ordinary Christian man and woman.

Methodists split into two different sects and the result was that the majority known as Primitive Wesleyans built a new chapel on McCurtain Street. There was reconciliation in 1879 and the church building here in Cara Street was abandoned.

There are very few Methodists now in the Clones area. Some attend the little church at Drumady inside the Fermanagh border or attend the local Presbyterian Church.