Barry McGuigan Park

The park was officially opened in February 2015 by Clones man, Barry McGuigan and it has been named in his honour.

McGuigan-Pedrosa Highlights

Barry Mc Guigan-Pedrosa Highlights

Born on the 28th February 1961, Barry started boxing when he was twelve years of age at the Wattlebridge Boxing Club before transferring to Smithboro Boxing Club in 1974.

The Clones Cyclone, as Barry would come to be known, won the WBA world featherweight title on the 8th June 1985 after beating the Panamanian Eusebio Pedroza who had held the title from 1978. Barry fought in the Commonwealth Games in 1978 and the Olympic Games in 1980 and was introduced into the World Boxing Hall of Fame and International Hall of Fame in 2005