Clones Masonic Hall

Freemasonry is a social institution which has existed in Ireland since 1725 with its three main principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

Despite common opinion, Freemasonry is not a political or religious organisation. In fact those two topics are not to be discussed at any Masonic meetings.

Freemasonry enables men from different parts of society to meet together as equals, regardless of religious background, political leaning, class or any other social category. Members of the Freemasons therefore quickly make close friends and acquaintances from many different walks of life.
Clones Masonic Lodge Number 881 was constituted on 6th February 1800 meeting in several locations throughout the town including Clarke’s Hotel.

The Courthouse, The Parochial Board Room and then the Town Hall before being granted permission to build its own hall on this site in 1887. On Sunday 21st July 1935 the hall and its contents were destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt on the same site and opened on 4th May 1936 and remains the Lodges’ meeting place to this day.

Going back over 200 years in this town the members of Masonic Lodge Number 881 continue with their commitment to charitable work.