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Various moments captured by RTE and others over the years. Click through some proud moments and quirky captures since the beginning of telly.

Clones Railway

The Great Northern Railway was an Irish gauge railway company in Ireland. It was formed in 1876 by a merger of the Irish North Western Railway (INW), Northern Railway of Ireland, and Ulster Railway. 

Arrival of the Normans

The invasion of Anglo-Normans in Ireland was a turning point in Irish history and is considered an important era. Although the conquest of the Normans was short lived in Ireland, approx 200 years...

Monastic Remains

From about 550 onwards monastic foundations began to proliferate in a bewildering fashion and it is from this time onwards that the abbots of monasteries began to assume a greater importance than bishops.

Tigernach of Clones (d. 549), patron saint of Clones; Tigernach mac Fócartai

 Clones owes its importance to the monastery that was founded by St Tiarnach, and around which the town grew. Clones is St.Tiarnach's town.

Clones was a border area even in medieval times, and no doubt suffered burning and devastation when armies were marching through it journeying elsewhere

Part of the Black Pigs Dyke near  Clones

The name Clones is an anglicisation, of the Irish name Cluin Eois. The earliest form of the name is Cluain Auis. Cluain may mean a medow or as some authorities believe a height arising out of lowland or marsh.