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Various moments captured by RTE and others over the years. Click through some proud moments and quirky captures since the beginning of telly.

Aghafin House Clones

“On Tuesday night a raid by disguised and armed men on the premises of Mr. John Beresford Madden, and his sister, ...

A Clones Staycation in 1950

Clones Visited. Historic Town of Religion and Tradition. (By Bridie M. Smith-Brady.) Anglo Celt. August 12, 1950.

Clones Railway

The Great Northern Railway was an Irish gauge railway company in Ireland. It was formed in 1876 by a merger of the Irish North Western Railway (INW), Northern Railway of Ireland, and Ulster Railway. 

The Flu Pandemic of 1918

HEADLINE: Northern Standard. November 2, 1918. "Influenza in Monaghan" All over the country the influenza epidemic has scourged the population, in some places worse than others, but we believe it is now abating.

McMahon spades made in Clones

By Cormac MacConnell. Shovels made in Clones, back home you did NOT call a spade a spade. No, you called it The McMahon and I sold plenty of them in my time in Sandy's country shop and I used a few of them too.

The tower of the old Windmill at Carriveetragh, Clones stands testament to an era before the advent of steam power or the internal combustion engine, when mankind harnessed the raw energy of wind and water as a source of power used in the grinding of grain and other applications.

Clones Canal Bridge 1900

The Ulster Canal was built between 1825 and 1842 and was 74 km (46 mi) long with 26 locks. It ran from Charlemont on the River Blackwater to Wattle Bridge on the River Finn, south-east of Upper Lough Erne.

The Castle or fortified Manor House structure is about 20 ft. x 40 ft. and was probably three storey. 

title of Clones

In 1607 Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone left Ireland for Europe with many other powerful Gaelic chiefs in what became known as the ‘Flight of the Earls’,

The Clones Bishop, Bishop  Lynch

In 1864 Lynch journeyed to Rome as Confederate commissioner to the States of the Church (the Holy See), seeking papal recognition of the Confederacy and to turn European opinion in the South’s favor. Clergyman, diplomat.

Arrival of the Normans

The invasion of Anglo-Normans in Ireland was a turning point in Irish history and is considered an important era. Although the conquest of the Normans was short lived in Ireland, approx 200 years...

Monastic Remains

From about 550 onwards monastic foundations began to proliferate in a bewildering fashion and it is from this time onwards that the abbots of monasteries began to assume a greater importance than bishops.

St. Eachaidh’s Church

An almost forgotten Clones saint who seems to have wielded a strong influence on the area and who was responsible for the original name of this Border parish was St. Eachaidh.

Tigernach of Clones (d. 549), patron saint of Clones; Tigernach mac Fócartai

 Clones owes its importance to the monastery that was founded by St Tiarnach, and around which the town grew. Clones is St.Tiarnach's town.

Clones was a border area even in medieval times, and no doubt suffered burning and devastation when armies were marching through it journeying elsewhere

Part of the Black Pigs Dyke near  Clones

The name Clones is an anglicisation, of the Irish name Cluin Eois. The earliest form of the name is Cluain Auis. Cluain may mean a medow or as some authorities believe a height arising out of lowland or marsh.