Fishing around Clones

Clones Coarse Anglers, Angling in Clones Clones provides good natural wild fishing venues for both the pleasure and match angler. The town lakes can be fished from stands. 

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Centre of Irelands Lakelands

Some Lakes are adapted for the less able and these are complemented by the Finn River which has up to 50 match swims. The lakes that surround the Clones area are part of the Erne Catchment which is potentially one of the great fisheries of Europe. The River Finn moves slowly along the lily fringed margins towards Annies Bridge where there is a rich fishery with good numbers of pike, roach, some bream, perch. Horseshoe Lake is located 1.5km to the north of Clones at Liscaroe. It is bisected by the border with fishing stands on the southern side. There is limited car parking along the narrow road but care must be taken not to block gateways. Summer Lake is 1km past Horseshoe Lake. It covers an area of approximately 2 hectares and is bisected by the border with fishing from stands on the south shore.

Perhaps, because we are not rated as a ‘tourist area’ in the same sense as are Kerry, Mayo, Clare, Connemara and Donegal , but the ‘Lakes of Clones Co. Monaghan’ can rank with the very best of them and they are there for all to explore and to enjoy.

Clones is often described as “The Angler’s Paradise’ in tourist brochures, and rightly so, as it attracts countless fishermen from abroad every year, with the Germans proving particularly favourably inclined towards the many lakes in this west-Monaghan area.

31 lakes lie within a 5 mile radius of Clones and these also abound in pike, bream, perch and rudd, we also have stocked brown trout lakes at the northern end of our parish Exceptionally fine bream are to be found here, and at one spot, fish averaging from four to six pounds have been landed.

Angling in Clones

The Website below contains current Information on the "Course Angling in Clones" an annual 4 day  festival in Early August

130 Lakes

In fact, there are some one-hundred-and-thirty lakes in Co. Monaghan. A visitor to any of our towns or villages will soon be given all the information they require on these same lakes, whether for fishing, for scenery, or for water-sports, as there are no more friendly people than the country-folk of Clones..... even though we do say so ourselves. As you can see from the map below we have 10 lakes in walking distance from the town centre.

Lake and Rivers are Fishing Ready

Most of these lakes have been fitted with fishing stands to cater to the keen anglers, Lakes and rivers contains excellent stocks of roach as well as bream, hybrids, perch pike, brown and Rainbow trout.